Call for abstracts for the 20. IGFP-conference Wiesbaden/Niedernhausen March 03rd and 04th 2023

Proposals for lectures via abstract may be submitted by 09/30/2022. The abstracts submitted have to be in the version which can be published in the proceedings in case the lecture/poster will be accepted.

All abstracts shall be structured as follows:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Aims / expertise / academic background
  • Material and methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Take Home Message

Also submit a CV as well as a photograph (please use a sufficiently large file for printing). The spezified template for the curriculum vitae is available at

All abstracts submitted will be reviewed by 10/15/2022 the latest and it will be decided whether they will be accepted for the conference (lecture, poster). If there are more lectures submitted than needed we may ask the authors to prepare their topics as poster. Abstracts accepted will be translated into English and published in the bilingual proceedings of the conference (with ISBN-number). We are highly interested in topics where the experts provide practical guidance. These shall be covered by the “Case studies” and “How to - lectures”.

Presentation methods


Overview lectures (30 minutes) will be generally at the beginning of a presentation segment and will introduce the key note of the respective segment.
Subject lectures (20 minutes)
Case studies (10 minutes)
„How to – lectures“ (10 minutes)

Instead of a lecture there is also the possibility to subscribe a poster for presentation.
Poster accepted will be presented during the whole congress and will be published in the proceedings of the conference in German and English. If the author agrees to provide the poster to the IGFP, it will be exhibited at fairs, at which the IGFP has a stand.


Overview lectures are either „State-of-art-lectures” and explain current academic and technical developments on a special subject or will be drawn as a widely applied review on a certain topic.
Subject lectures should describe the results of personal current studies.
Case studies show cases of the daily work environment. Rarely described clinical pictures, typical complications or extraordinary phenomenons may be described and discussed.
“How to – lectures” describe practice oriented techniques and strategies of treatment and mainly focus on advantages/disadvantages as well as possible alternatives.

A poster should clearly and understandable describe the topic. The content should be explained by short and precise texts and/or visualized by significant images (diagrams).

Each poster should cover the following categories:

    Expertise / academic background
    Material and methods
    Take Home Message

Format: 70 x 100 cm (width x height)

We ask all authors to appropriately mention all literature used. All authors are responsible for the compliance with the copyright.

Conference languages

German and English. All lectures/presentations will be translated simultaneously (German-English;English-German).


The first authors of the lectures will receive the congress entry for free, a financial allowance of EUR 150,00, for lectures with a length of 30 minutes EUR 200,00, one (if travelling further than 300km two) hotel overnight stay as well as free entry to the conference ball. Travel expenses will be covered depending on the distance to a maximum of EUR 350,00. Flights outside Europe can only be covered fully or partly after a written agreement in advance. All original receipts must be attached to the invoice.

The first authors issuing a poster will receive the congress entry for free. Travel expenses and overnight stays will not be covered by IGFP.

Please send your abstract to the following e-mail address:

Kerstin Rückwardt
IGFP board member