Subscription for IGFP Industrial Exhibition 2023

Booking options
Payment- and participation terms:
1. The state fee becomes due immediately after calculation lapping.
2. The organizer or her representatives and representatives do not stick for theft, damages and injuries of every kind which could originate from the participation at this congress.
3. All participants of the congress have to behave in such a way that no one else is damaged, is endangered or bothered.
4. "Order of advertisement" is the contract about the publication of an announcement of an advertisement-propelling or other advertisers in block letters for the purpose of the spreading.
8. Cancellation of the state reservation is possible only to 31.01.2023.
9. No claim to restitution of the costs passes failure of the congress by higher power. The board of directors reserves itself to decide in particular cases after application, on a partial restitution.