Program of the 2012 IGFP – Conference

Saturday, 3rd March 2012 10.00 a.m.

Form and Function of the Occlusal Surface – Interface Between Organism and Environment
Thomas M Kaiser, Hamburg, Germany

Safety, Health Protection and Equine Dentistry
Tilman Simon, Warngau and Martin Grell, Berlin, Germany

Measurement of Temperature in Equine Cheek Teeth During Heating of the Occlusal Surface
Silvia Häusler, Hannover, Germany

Configurations of the Pulp System in Equine Cheek Teeth
Susan Kopke, Hannover, Germany

Idiopathic Cheek Teeth Fractures
Padraic Dixon, Edinburgh, Great Britain

Unilateral, Malodorous Nasal Discharge in the Horse
Timo Zwick, Gessertshausen, Germany

Dental Related Sinusitis
Padraic Dixon, Edinburgh

Evidence Based Equine Dentistry
James Carmalt, Sasketchewan, Kanada

From what Suffers Equine Dentistry
Carsten Vogt, Ottersberg, Germany

James Carmalt, Sasketchewan, Kanada

Meningitis: Complication After Sinus Trephination
Fabienne Bach, Hubert Simhofer, Vienna, Austria

Trauma of a Palatine Artery During an Extraction of a Cheek Tooth
Martin Grell, Berlin, Germany

“Come together” with dance and buffet

Sunday, 4th March 2012

What´s New in Equine Dentistry
Carsten Vogt, Ottersberg, Germany

Expenses that Can Be Saved or Expansion of the Field of Work. Modern Dentures Made of PEEK in the Horse. Theory and Case Study
Klaus Bosler, Langenau, Germany

Minimalinvasive Transnasal Endoscopic Conchotomy in the Horse
Maria Haslinger and Hubert Simhofer, Vienna, Austria

EOTRH and Leeches, a Case Study
Katja Görts, Wiesentheid and Markus Wild, Schnepfenbach, Germany

EOTRH: Current Investigations Regarding Etiology and Pathogenesis
Indra Hüls, Hannover, Germany

Finite Element Analysis in Equine Incisors: Morphologic Basics About Tooth Movements and Periodontal Stress
Patricia Schrock, Hannover, Germany

Finite Element Analysis in Equine Cheek Teeth: a Contribution to the Genesis of Periodontal Diseases
Vanessa Cordes, Hannover, Germany

Streptococcus Devriesie and the Relation to Equine Caries Disease
Torbjörn Lundström, Norköpping, Sweden

Therapeutic Approaches in Pathological Diastematas and Periodontal Pockets in Dependency of Etiology and Grade of the Disease
Manfred Stoll, Hohenstein, Germany

PPP, Primary Parasitic Periodontal Disease
Torbjörn Lundström, Norköpping, Sweden

The IGFP Examination. Requirements, Contents and Carrying Out
Marion Eltze, Pohlheim, Germany

How to Be Successful With Your Internet Appearance. How to Be Found in the www. How to Avoid Traps
Karl-Hermann Höfkens, Mettmann, Germany

Farewell at 17.30