Program of the 2013 IGFP – Conference

Saturday, 9th March 2013 09.00 a.m.

Precise Diagnosis of Dental Disease: Extraction is Just the Beginning! A Twin Conference
H. Simhofer, C. Staszyk

Influence of Ketamine and Midazolam on Sedation Quality During Dental Extractions in the Standing Horse
A. Bienert-Zeit, K. Hopster, S. Kästner

Objective Measurements of Occlusal Angles
M. Pellachin

Computed Tomographic Reconstruction: The Individuality of the Equine Paranasal Sinuses in the 3D Model
M. Brinkschulte, A. Bienert-Zeit, M. Hellige, C. Staszyk, M. Lüpke, B. Ohnesorge

Pain Recognition in Horses – Problems and Challenges
U. Auer

Pain Caused by Dental Treatment? Prevention, Exercise and Metaphylaxis of Typical Muscle and Joint Pain
K. Ros, B. Immel

Treatment of Pain in Dental Disease in the Office and Clinical Setting
U. Auer

Pain Perception and Assessment in the Tense Interplay Between Patient, Owner and Equine Dental Practitioner
M. Grell

Influence of the Head and Neck Position of a Horse on Molar Occlusion
S.Maleh, Antrin Fricke

The Shear Mouth – Definition, Causes and Treatment Regimens. Findings From a Court Case Report.
S. Schulte-Bahrenberg, M. Nowak

Sequester and Fistula Formation as Complications After Oral Extraction of Cheek Teeth in the Mandible
W. Lewin

20:00 Come Together with dance and buffet

Sunday, 10th March 2013

Tips on Equine Sedation for Dental Treatment
K. Ros

Significant Dental Findings and Meager Feed Amounts – Working Horses in Morocco: No Tales of 1,001 Nights!
M. Eltze, A. Kharfa

Tooth and Jaw Dysfunction as a Holistic Approach to Solving Recurrent Low Back Pain/Pelvic Blockages
R. Gütinger

Oral Screw-based Extraction of Incisors and Molars in Horses
S. Maleh

Lesions at the Bars of the Horse’s Mouth – Pathologies, Treatments, Causes
S. Schulte-Bahrenberg, M. Nowak

Investigations of Distances of Vital Pulp Chambers to the Occlusal Surface
M. Wild

The Equine Oral Cavity From an Anatomical Point of View under Consideration of the Adjustment of Snaffle Bits
E. Engelke, H. Gasse

Snaffles Work
K. F. von Holleuffer-Kypke

Bit Selection From the Perspective of the Western Trainer
U. Holm

Bits and Their Mode of Action
H. Schmidt-Sentek

Benefits and Costs of Auxiliary Staff in the Equine Dental Practice
R. Niehues

Farewell 17.30