Program of the 2014 IGFP – Conference

Saturday,15th March 2014 09.00 a.m.

The infundibulum of the equine maxillary molar: a flaw in the system?
Anika Suske et al., Gießen

Case report: Caries-like lesions involving the endodontium in the bottom of the infundibulum of an upper molar in a 5-year-old horse with subsequent sinusitis
Timo Zwick, Gessertshausen

Overjet in the horse: available techniques and outcomes
Denis Verwilghen, Kopenhagen

Suture Exostosis in 11 adult horses: a retrospective study
Michelle Jackson et al., Zürich

Help Dr, my horse has turned into Frankenstein: what do we know about nasofrontal suture periostitis?
Denis Verwilghen, Kopenhagen

Simple tips for better radiography
Shannon Lee, Wallington, Australia

Implications of radiological opacities level with or higher than the alveoli of the maxillary premolars. Diagnosis and treatment
Michael Nowak, Sabine Schulte-Bahrenberg, Duisburg

Swellings of the horse's head – a cardinal symptom of dental disease? Computed tomographic images of several differential diagnoses
Julia Schwarzer, Gessertshausen

Value of ultrasound examinations of the horse's head
Sabine Schulte-Bahrenberg, Michael Nowak, Duisburg

Periodontal disease in the horse: Experiences with the application of Elyzol Dental Gel (25% metronidazole gel) after subgingival debridement
Frank Doerges, Hannover

Come Together with dance and buffet

Sunday, 16th March 2014

Waste management in modern horse feeds
Christina Fritz, Berlin

Communication and feedback concerning staff and customer relations in surgery and clinic
Anja Düffert, Reppenstadt

Equine dental vets
Shannon Lee, Wallington, Australia

Interdisciplinary approach to dental and jaw disorders in loosening of recurring lower back pain/pelvic blockages
Rainer Gütinger, Günzburg

The equine cheek teeth angle: measurement and assessment with regard to physiological and clinical aspects
Laura Listmann et al., Gießen

The puntameter – identification of open pulp horns as well as of the thickness of secondary dentine of vital teeth
Markus Wild, Schnepfenbach, Souel Maleh, Großwallstadt

Prevalence of EOTRH in horses in the Berlin-Brandenburg region
Wiebke Schröder, Berlin

EOTRH- not necessarily a reason for extraction
Souel Maleh, Großwallstadt

“Some like it wet”. A practitioner's report on working with a water-cooled dental floating instrument with its assets and drawbacks
Ralph Niehues, Marbach

Our daily work: the equine dentist's pre-examination
Bernadette Immel, Löhnberg

Farewell 16.30