Program of the 2015 IGFP – Conference

Saturday,07th March 2015

Tooth wear in free-ranging and captive wild equids
Dr. Ellen Schulz-Kornas, Germany

Measurement of Rates of Eruption in Equine Cheek teeth
Dr. Carmen Schröck, Germany

Non dental related sinus pathologies and surgical approaches to the sinus
Prof. Dr. D. Verwilghen, Denmark

Case report: Caries-like lesions involving the endodontium in the bottom of the infundibulum of an upper molar in a 5-year-old horse with subsequent sinusitis
Dr. Timo Zwick, Germany

Tumors of the equine head – a clinical approach
Dr. Astrid Bienert-Zeit, Germany und Dr. Carsten Vogt, Germany

Visual findings and the assesment of treatment dependent on the perspective of the horse dental practitioner and the illumination of the und der Ausleuchtung der Maulhöhle
Martin Grell, Germany und Frank Sauerbrey, Germany

Extra ordinary findings in the clinic exermination – would sedation be detrimental?
Kim Theuerkauf, Germany

Accounting of „dental serives for horses“ – statistical evaluation of a survey
Dr. Daniel Meister, Germany

EMS / pseudo-EMS / cushing / pseudo-cushing / insulin resistance – the who is who of modern lifestyle diseases
Dr. Christina Fritz, Germany

Dental Diseases in Horses with Cushing disease
Walter Lewin, Germany

Walrus surgery: two infected tusks with removed in Tierpark Hagenbeck
Dr. Christina Becker, Germany

8 p.m. “Get Together” with dance and buffet

Sunday, 8th March 2015

Feeding and maintenance of the elderly horse
Dr. Christina Fritz, Germany

Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis affecting all teeth in a 38 year old pony
Dr. Wiebke Schröder, Germany

Case report of a treatment of a shearmouth a year after undetected mandible fracture with follow up
Souel Maleh, Germany

Diagnostic Imaging methods – Comparative presentation of clinically relevant and pathological areas at the horses head
Dr. Astrid Bienert-Zeit, Germany

Use of contrast agent in dental radiography
Manfred Stoll, Germany

Regenerative Potential of the Endodontium of equine Cheek teeth
Anika Suske, Germany

Malocclusions Treatment in Colts
Dr. Miguel Echavarría, Columbia

A study on retained deciduous premolars in thoroughbred racehorses and their effect on the performance
Dr. Carla Manso, Spain

Biomechanical and Osteopathic Concepts of the Temporomandibular Joint
Dr. Patrick Lecollinet, France

Quantitative bit cheek to bridle-lever action analysis
Christina Krajewski, Germany

Farewell 16.30