Program of the 2017 IGFP – Conference

Friday, 10th March 2017

The equine jaw joint: anatomic and histological findings as a basis for manual analysis of function and histopathological diagnostics
Kevin Adams, Gießen

Biomechanics of equine mastication during acute unilateral inflammation oft he temporomandibular joint
Prof. Dr. James Carmalt, Saskatoon

Occlusal angles of equine incisors: computer-aided measurements on 3D-models
Prof. Dr. Carsten Staszyk, Gießen

Interdental pathologies (IP) - an overview
Dr. Frank Schellenberger, Waldkirch

Rostro-caudal anomalies of cheek tooth position in horses and their effect on the occlusal surface
Dr. Frank Schellenberger, Waldkirch

Influence of periodontal materials on cells of the equine periodontium
Hannah Ringeisen, Gießen

Transnasal sinus endoscopy - 15 years of experience
Dr. Michael Nowak, Duisburg

Inhalation therapy in a case of conchal necrosis
Sandra Heinzelmann, Röttenbach

Equine paranasal sinus cysts - complications related to their occurrence and surgical treatment
DVM Merle Fenner, Taastrup

Development of Dentition in the small equine Breeds and related Cases
Carl Mitz, USA

Equine polyodontia: computer-assisted surgery as an aid in tooth extraction
Dr. Micael Klopfenstein, Bern

Disorders of the teeth and jaw in foals
Dr. Timo Zwick, Gessertshausen

Surgical removal of an osteoma in an warmblood mare
Dr. Hubert Simhofer, Wien

8 p.m. "Get Together" with dance and buffet

Saturday, 11th March 2017

Documentation requirements in equine veterinary practice
Dr. Christian Schliecker, Germersheim

Selected court cases related to the connection of dental problems with questions regarding treatment and sales law
Dr. Eberhard Schüle, Dortmund

Forensics - specialist report and expert opinion - points to consider in cases of potential damage
Souel Maleh, Großwallstadt

CT or MRI? Optimal display of cheek teeth and adjacent structures in horses of different age groups
Christin Schoppe, Hannover

Distinguishing diseases of maxillary cheek teeth from conchal necrosis - diagnostic strategy and pitfalls
Markus Wild, Schnepfenbach

Healthy equine gingiva from a molecular biology perspective
Bastian Krähling, Gießen

Straight from the horse's mouth: gingiva, biofilm and calculus. A tutorial review including the definition of terms, anatomic background and diagnostic possibilities
Carmen Schröck, Niedenstein

Equiliberation - Does a Cookie Cutter exist
Josh Wallace/Souel Maleh, Texas/Großwallstadt

Treatment of the rostral part of the clinical crown of the 6th or the meaning of ´bit seats
Dr. Bernadette Immel, Löhnberg

Equine Dental Equilibration - Art Verses Science. The revisiting of a controversial topic
Dale Wearing, USA

Protecting your own patients from infection: how high is the risk of germ transmission by the equine dental practitioner?
Dr. Janine Brunner, Gießen

Dental disorders in new world camelids
Dr. Hubert Simhofer, Wien

Farewell 16.50