program of the 17th IGFP – conference 2019

Friday, 05th April of 2019

Start 09:45 am

Nutrition and dental diseases
Prof. Dr. Ellen Kienzle, München

Dental problems and nutrition: case studies and fist counts
Dr. Kathrin Irgang, Berlin

EOTRH- update
Dr. Frank Schellenberger, Waldkirch

EOTRH and periodontosis of the front teeth - a smooth transition? What can you do?
Dr. Katharina Ros, Döhle

Current legal topics for horse dental practitioners
RA Jürgen Steinhofer, Regensburg

DSGVO applied practice
RA Jürgen Steinhofer, Regensburg

Otitis in the horse
Prof. Dr. Gerald Fritz Schusser, Leipzig

Fixed shortcuts for certain pathologies
TA Souel Maleh, Mühltal - Markus Wild, Schnepfenbach


Development of occupational safety in equine dentistry
TA Martin Grell, Hoppegarten

From 8 pm „Get together“ with dance and buffet


Saturday, 06th April of 2019

Start: 09:30 am

Haylage better than her reputation
Franziska Bokisch, Leipzig

"Can you also look for the snaffle bit?" Basic knowledge of the PDP for checking the seat of a snaffle bit
Dr. Bernadette Immel, Löhnberg

"Performance float": which situation in the horse´s mouth causes which ridability problems?
Dr. Katharina Ros, Döhle

The targeted use of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for diagnosis and therapy in (dentogenic) sinusitis of the horse
Dr. Michael Nowak, Duisburg

The streptomces disease - a case report of a bacterial myzetome of the sinus paranasales of a horse
Dipl. Tzt Bernadette Rohwerder, Telgte

A first review of the use of radiotherapy to treat disorders of the masticatory system and adjacents structures in the horse
Dr. Janine Brunner, Linsengericht

Histological examination of healthy, equine gingiva
Saskia Steinfort, Gießen

Basics of equine dentistry: How are teeth innervated - and why?
Prof. Dr. Carsten Staszyk, Gießen

Graphical documentation of dental pathologies in dental charts
TA Souel Maleh, Mühltal - Markus Wild, Schnepfenbach

Expected end 16.50