program of the 19th IGFP – conference 2022

Friday, 11th March of 2022

Start 09:15 am

"The one euro horse - should have examined it with a mirror
Dr. Bernadette Immel, Löhnberg

Quality management in outpatient equine dentistry
Dr. Lauritz English, Schnaittach

Retrospective evaluation of CT-diagnosed maxillary and infraorbital nerve disorders and their relationship to headshaking syndrome
Souel Maleh, Faulbach

Diseases of the tongue as a cause of feeding problems, anorexia and hypersalivation
Florian Frers, Hannover

Rein lameness associated with inflammation of the equine temporomandibular joint
Prof. Dr. James Carmalt, Saskatoon

General anatomy of the masticulatory apparatus
Prof. Dr. Christoph Mülling, Leipzig

Last but not least. The Plica pterygomandibularis and the Papilla postmolaris - clinically noteworthy structures in the oral cravity of the horse
Dr. Timo Zwick, Gessertshausen

Tips and tricks for feeding horses with gastric ulcers
Prof. Dr. Ellen Kienzle, München

Clinical, radiographic, macroscopic and microcomputed tomography findings in equine incisors
Louisa Albers, Hannover


Histological characteristics of equine dental pulp
Jessica Roßgardt, Friedberg

From 08 pm „20 years IGFP - Get together“ with dance and buffet


Saturday, 12th March of 2022

Start: 09:15 am

Long in the tooth...: Health and welfare of the elderly horse - case studies from everyday veterinary practice
Dr. Friederike Hänsch, Belm

Common diseases of the geriatric horse
Dr. Dipl. ECEIM Bianca Schwarz, Saarlouis

TVT position paper on the BMEL "Guidlines for assessment of horse keeping establishments from an animal welfare perspective" (2009)
Dr. Angela Schwarzer, München

Young tooth versus old tooth - ageing processes viewed from a macroscopic, microscopic and especially clinical perspective
Prof. Dr. Carsten Staszyk, Gießen

Aspects of the biomechanics of mastication in the horse
Dr. Michael Nowak, Meerbusch

Blinded block-randomized measurement variability analysis of an orthodontic gauge device designed for clinical incisor occlusal table angle measures
Mag. Dr. Silvio Kau, Wien

Cysts in the jawbone of the horse
Dr. Astrid Bienert-Zeit, Hannover

Diagnosis and treatment of mandibular fractures in the horse
Dr. Dipl. ECVS Kathrin Mählmann

Influence of the opioids levomethadone, buprenorphine and butorphanol on intra- and postoperative pain in horses undergoing molar extractions
Daphna Emanuel, Hannover

Emergency management of incidents during dental treatment
Dr. Dipl. ECEIM Janine Brunner, Hilpoltstein

Expected end 05:10 pm