20th IGFP – conference 2023

Friday, 03rd March of 2023

Start 09:15 am

Introduction to the world of new world camelids
Dr. Henrik Wagner, Gießen

Llama and Alpaca - the somewhat different dental treatment
Dr. Nena Ehrmann, Wöllstadt

Dental health of Icelandic Horses in their country of origin
Anna Hain, Hannover

EOTRH in older Icelandic horses in Germany: do husbandry, feeding, vitamin and trace element supply, and metabolic diseases playan etiological role?
Melusine Tretow, Hannover

"Did you actually already know...? - Old news from Anatomy"
Jessica Roßgardt, Friedberg

Diseases of the thyroid gland in horses
Dr. Bianca Schwarz, Saarlouis

Guidlines Animal Welfare in Equestrian Sport - Part II: Aspects of equestrian sport that are detrimental to animal welfare, with special reference to mouth injuries
Dr. Friederike Hänsch, Belm

Bit fitting and its influence in sport horses
Jana Krebber, Issum


Medicinal signaling cells from the pulp and PDL - future therapeutic approaches?
Dr. Laura Heilen, Gießen


From optical illusions and the risk of misinterpretation in the oral cavity examination as well as the risk of possible mishandling in the horse´s molar care
Dr. Michael Nowak, Meerbusch

Infundibular caries - How and when does it develop?
Dr. Frank Schellenberger, Waldkirch

From 08 pm „Get together“ with dance and buffet


Saturday, 04th March of 2023

Start: 09:15 am

The equine temporomandibular joint: Logical progression down the diagnostic pathway
Prof. James Carmalt, Saskatoon

Aspects of the biomechanics of the masticatory process in the horse with special reference to temporomandibular joints and occlusal surfaces
Dr. Tomas Sterkenburgh, Dinslaken

Sinus pneumocele in a 2-year-old-mini Shetland pony - a case report
Anna Marei Grages, Hannover

"One step back two steps forward - Development of oral and nasal cavity as a basis for understanding fistula formation in the head region."
Prof. Dr. Carsten Staszyk, Gießen

Comparison of differen surgical procedures for the treatment of persistent oro-sinuidal and oro-nasal fistulas
FNCED, Dipl. EVDC Eq. Manfred Stoll, Hohenstein - Breithardt

Conservative management of oro-nasal fistulas using case studies from practice and illustration of the use of a "torsional stiffener" for implant fixation
Dr. Walter Lewin, Glinde

Insurance - an overview. What and from which insurance are costs for dental treatments / surgery covered
Souel Maleh, Faulbach

The application of the GOT in equine dentistry
Dr. Timo Zwick, Gessertshausen

"When two argue..." What you can learn from lawsuits and expert opinions
Dr. Astrid Bienert-Zeit, Hannover

Expected end 04:45 pm