Program of the 2009 IGFP – Conference on 28.02./01.03.2009 in Niedernhausen near Wiesbaden

The program of the 7th IGFP conference was as follows:

Saturday, 28.02.2009

Funktional anatomy oft he horses tooth: the endodontia
Carsten Staszyk

Clinical relevance of open pulps in incisors
Frank Schellenberger

Open pulps – long term experiences
Dale Wearing

Complications after dental treatment
Henry Tremaine

Radiographic, computertomographic and clinical findings in dental patients – selected case reports
Alexandra Böhler, Hubert Simhofer

Sunday, 01.03.2009

Pathology in the horses oral cavity
Peter Wohlsein

Therapy of a fractured mandible, using a „forcep fixator“ in a standing horse
Timo Zwick

Cpomputer tomographic examination comparing extracted teeth with open pulp and intact teeth
Sophia Parzer

Management of impacted teeth
Henry Tremaine

How do thermographic changes relate in a horse with dental disease?
Kathrin Holzer

A-bit-better – lecture on bitting
Katharina Müller

Treatment of diastemas via temporary closure
Jos Richter

The equine Cushing syndrome / equine Metabolic syndrome
Wencke Gimplinger