Program of the 2011 IGFP – Conference

Saturday, March 12, 2011, 10.00 am

Karen Gellmann: living with gravity: posture and dental occlusion

Raymond Hyde: TMJ syndrome and disorders

Peter Witzmann: examination of the position of the bit in the horses mouth

Katja Roscher: sedating horses

Carla Omura: measurements of incisor overjet and diastema in foals

Manfred Stoll: endodontia – meaning, indication and procedures in equinedention

Timo Zwick: case study

Jan Broeze: reimplantation of molars

Michael Nowak, Sabine Schulte-Bahrenberg: Bacteriological findings in EOTRH cases

20:00 jubilee ball 10 year IGFP

Sunday, March 13, 2011, 9.00 am

Hubert Simhofer: physical and microbiological examination of the air in the working enviroment of an equine dental practioner

Carsten Staszyk: endodontic disease and pulp reaction

Hubert Simhofer: bacteriological examination on EOTRH diseased horses

Raymond Hyde: causative factors in wave and malocclusion formation

Markus Wild: protuberante 11´s and the effect on occlusion and temporal mandibular joint

Carla Omura: the situation of equine dentistry in Brazil

Karen Gellmann: functional occlusion and essentials of mastication biomechanics

Gabrielle Broeze: treatment of incisors

Vanessa Cordes: biology und biomechanic of the molars: computerbased simularcalculation

Michael Nowak: problems following an dental procedure and possible complication – a holistical review of eleven years

Markus Steiner: the head x-ray table by Steiner

End: 5.30 pm